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Payment information

Branch understands that behavior health treatment requires not only physical and mental commitment, but a financial commitment as well. Our staff is committed to helping you understand your financial responsibility and optimize your insurance coverage and/or reimbursement options.

Insurers We Work With

Currently, we are contracted providers for several health plans. This means that we have made special reimbursement arrangements with these health plans in order to provide treatment to our clients. If you are a member of a contracted health plan, we will bill your health plan directly for your services. Each health plan requests different information of us as providers, and you as a member, of the plan. In addition, your particular group plan may define your benefits and the information needed very specifically. We must comply with all of the plan’s requests in order to secure your reimbursement.

The following is a current list of the health plans that contract with Branch for financing:

...and many more

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